Hubert Crijns Architects is an architecture studio based in the Netherlands. It specializes in all-encompassing concepts for hospitality, retail and residential architecture and is run by architect Hubert Crijns. The studio was founded in 2005 and is based in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

Hubert Crijns

Architect Hubert Crijns (1972) holds a Master of Architecture obtained at the TU Delft. He has an existential love for natural products, materials and artisanal production methods, but knows how to appreciate high-tech materials just as well. His designs breathe a human and personal authenticity. His works can be described as ‘perfecting the imperfect’.

Gabriel Pozzobom

Gabriel Pozzobom (1987) holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism (UFRGS/BR) and is a specialist in residential and commercial interior design. Having worked for 10 years in architecture offices in Brazil, he has experience in the creative development of architectural projects as well as execution and monitoring of construction works.



Jordy Vos, Marco Boesweld

Maaswijkstraat 94, 2586 CG Den Haag, Netherlands

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